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Legal Advisory, Tax and Accounting and Labour

He wants to spend more time on your business and less red tape?

We handle everything; You will not have to learn how to use complicated computer systems, nor have to waste their time pecking bills, our service is complete.

Each month you send us the generated and received invoices, scanned by mail.

Our team is responsible for digitizing and posting all documents received.

Our accountants perform accounting and prepare the various taxes that must be present.

Once reviewed and confirmed by the customer, our managers are responsible for leaving taxes presented in a timely manner.

ADVICE INCLUDED, we assigned a personal manager who will be responsible to advise you on what you need, from the heading for your needs, type of taxation, expenses that can be deducted, taxes must file, etc…

We have the best professionals to ensure the best service accounting, tax, labor and legal.

Some of our advisory services


  • Book Journal and Ledger
  • Book Income and Expenditure
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit and loss account


  • Quarterly tax
    • VAT mod 303
    • Mod income tax 130
    • Ret mod 111
    • Ret mod 115
    • Ret mod 123
    • I.R.N.R. mod 216
    • Intra mod 349
  • Annual taxes
    • VAT mod 390
    • Personal Income Tax mod 100/184
    • Ret mod 190
    • Ret mod 180
    • Ret mod 193
    • I.R.N.R. mod 296
    • Third per mod 347/415
    • Personal income tax withholdings mod 111/190


  • Payroll and social security (TC1/TC2)
  • Comunication contracts with the INEM
  • Parts of high, low and changes to Social Security
  • Letters dismissal, severance and settlements
  • Parts of disease and accidents


  • Unlimited legal advice
  • Specialist Solicitors
  • Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts
  • Drafting and revision of legal texts
  • Mediation
  • Claim amounts
  • Company Certificates

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